Monday, February 22, 2010

What is the future of Television???

The Internet is challenging TV's prominence but how will TV need to change so that it still has a place in society?

Imagine a mix of your computer, your playstation and your tv. A digital you participating in shows and games; Real time and sharing 'on your tv' which is not TV anymore in the classic sense but interactive and inviting to participate in adventures, a quiz program and many more things all possible somewhere in the future due to the progress in digital developments.

The TV market is ‘on the move’ – competition is growing and digital channels via ISP’s and IPTV providers are now crashing through what was once the walled fortress of broadcast television. Interactive content and social media are the buzz and broadcasters are looking for both innovation and revenue generation models that fall outside of the traditional advertising box of the past. And the need for all types of content is growing exponentially, of which one is created by users themselves.