Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Diablo Cody Interview

Here's an interview with "Juno" writer Diablo Cody, former Catholic school girl turned stripper.

From the Writer's Digest Article:

"She took a job as a stripper to have something to write about. And when readership spiked, Cody turned her acerbic observations and no-holds-barred storytelling skills into The Pussy Ranch (diablocody.blogspot.com) a regular blog that attracted a large following."

So there you go. Regardless of your spare tire, receding hairline, and anything the ranch patrons say to you about your little buddies on stage, just remember "GREAT material" and remember to do your little turns like the coaches at S Factor taught you. Maybe when you end up with your entertainment masterpiece they'll give you a special Oscar like they did Sherley Temple. Or maybe you'll just be really good at belly dancing paying for your script workshops. Either way, a win/win, no?

In other news, Scriptapalooza has a new TV series competition up with last years winners to be announced in August. One of their former winners is supposedly writing now for Comedy Central. Whatever gets your foot in the door!

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